For every hour you leave this tab open, you create about 3 cents for CMN Hospitals.
In one year of leaving this tab open, you can create over $280 for your local children's hospital!


What is happening when I click “Start Mining"?
Your computer is being used to verify transactions for the Monero cryptocurrency ledger. This process is known as “mining” and is an incentive to participate in the upkeep of the network. When you run MiracleTab, you are donating a small percentage of your overall computing power to this task, which results in money for CMN Hospitals.
Monero is an ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency, which means two things: that computers designed for the singular purpose of mining cryptocurrency are unable to mine it, and that consumer-level computers can mine it in a financially viable way. It also has a stable value relative to other high value cryptocurrencies. The open source code base for Monero mining software made this a tenable project for our team.
By default MiracleTab uses 10% of your CPU, which should make it unnoticeable for most users. This setting is automatically set. You can also optionally increase the CPU impact by increasing the Threads and Speed. We do not recommend going over 6 threads at 100% speed.
Mining cryptocurrency requires energy. It is important to make the distinction, however, between Monero mining and Bitcoin mining. The latter has been in the news for its considerable environmental impact. MiracleTab is a very small mining operation compared to what is referenced in those articles. “Bitcoin Farms” generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per day; MiracleTab, on the other hand, generates–on an individual level–mere cents per day. MiracleTab is set to utilize only an additional 10-25% of your computing power, and so your environmental impact will be 10-25% greater than is usual for your computer.
That’s ok! You don’t necessarily need to know the complexities. All you need to know is that when you click “Start Mining" MiracleTab is generating money every time you run it. So run Miracle Tab and run it forever. This is the easiest way you can give back to a charity!

How to Help

Follow these steps to help spread the word!

Step 1.

Be inspired! Keep your miner open for as long as possible.

Step 2.

Share with your friends and family.

Step 3.

Share Miracle Tab on your social channels.